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Today was the first time I have been directly involved in basset hound rescue efforts, other than “rescuing” my two.  I have wanted to be involved for a while now, but my schedule has been packed with residency work, and before that, school work, for years now.

Early this morning, my mother, my nephew, and I helped transport Murphy to his forever home.  Murphy is a senior basset that has been in a foster home in Unicoi, TN for a while.  He has finally found a forever home, but his adopting family was all the way in Iowa!

So, through a system of volunteers taking their turns driving short distances, Murphy is on his way home!

He was such a sweet boy!  And such a very large boy!  This is why I brought backup.  His 77 pounds of hound love could not get into or out of the car!

Here is some pictures of sweet Murphy , or “Hoss”.  I hope to help more in the future!