Yesterday was, believe it or not, the most wintry day of the year for East Tennessee.  We actually had a few flurries of snow.  So, I took this opportunity to get a few shots of my basset hounds playing in the “snow”. 

Here is my sweet boy, Earl Jefferson, sitting at my feet on the deck.

He is not sure about playing in this cold weather.  Earl, as most basset hounds, is all about comfort!  Isn’t he pretty, though? 

Annabelle, on the other hand immediately started to violently roll in the 0.000003 inches of snow.

You can’t really see the snow, but there are a few flakes there, I promise!

Why do hounds dogs like to roll in stuff?

Now for a series of running basset hound photos.  I apologize if you aren’t as enthused about running basset hounds as I am!

How marvelous the effects of gravity on a running basset hound!  I bet when Newton discovered gravity he was watching a basset hound run.

Mom, I am tired.  And cold!  Can we please go in now?